Souping is better than Juicing - Healthy Life & Weight Loss

Souping is better than Juicing - Healthy Life & Weight Loss

Just eating better is actually a viablealternative to depriving oneself of bulkand fiber, as it is in actual juicing. It’s not our natural inclination to drink our meals, no matter how healthy the juice concoction is. As a quick cleanse it works well but the recipient quickly loses interest and goes into a “When will this be done? -mode.”

Souping is better than Juicing - Healthy Life & Weight Loss

To accelerate from eating no or very little vegetables to eating a load of them is almost a natural cleanse on its own. That is a good first step. Fine tuning it to eating so much more vegetables as you incorporate other healthy habits, raises the bar to a cleanse.

It has been said that everyone needs to detox and rest their body occasionally, but the select few who always eat a balanced diet, high in organic fruits and vegetables, devoid of excess sugar and fats, necessitate minimum detoxification. Proper souping is a less intensive, less extreme method of detoxifying our well worked bodies.

What is souping?

Souping is a satisfying and delicious way to cleanse and infuse your body with tons of nutrients without the cold, impersonal method of drinking down cold juices.

How does it work?

Simple. Just make some batches of veggie-loaded soups and eat only these soups for a period of a few days. This allows your body to rest and get rid of toxins. It should also add notable energy to your step as you go.

Reasons Why Souping is better than Juicing

Souping is more cost efficient. I am describing some major reasons about why souping is better than juicing.  

Souping has less sugar than juicing During the juicing process, the natural sugars of the fruit or vegetable will become concentrated in the juice whereas there is much less natural sugar in vegetables and that sugar will stay with the fiber which will reduce the amount you are absorbing.

Souping needs no special equipment. There is no need to have to purchase an expensive juicer with all the components and features- you just need a large saucepan with a lid.

Soup is so easy to store. Souping retains the fiber of the vegetable. And since fiber supports detoxification, that fact is a very good thing. Soluble fiber will aid and promote successful movement of the feces through the intestines and colon, as it binds many of the toxins in the bowel. This improves elimination.

Souping is mentally less challenging to sustain than juicing. Because souping is more appealing it becomes more natural for the person doing the cleanse to participate. 

Naturally, it takes a bit of time for foods to travel to our stomachs and for our psyches to register that sensation of fullness. Juices are ingested quickly and take hardly any time to travel through the digestive system so rarely do you get that full feeling from juicing. It can be critical to weight management, as well, to experience that sensation of fullness. It’s also wise to give your body a little break for a few days or a week just consuming soups and provides a variety of vegetables.

Soups are loaded with a variety of veggies. Juicing allows you to pack more servings of vegetables into one single meal but soups provide the same benefit while adding a wide variety of diverse vegetables to be consumed. They not only provide increased energy and all the antioxidants you need, but they stabilize blood sugar as well.

Soup allows a benefit of the addition of a variety of herbs, spices, and broth. Juicing uses fruits and sugars to create flavor and variety, but there are so many herbs and spices, as well as broths you can use to customize your soup.

Juice limits the flavor diversity. Since juices are basically sweet by nature, they become limiting in the amount of flavors we can incorporate; ginger, parsley, mint and cinnamon and any sweet-complimenting taste is all that can be done. Souping lends itself to a whole new world of savory flavors, such as cumin, turmeric, pepper, cayenne, coriander, lemon, citrus, etc. to flavor the dish.

More Benefits from Souping

Herbs, spices and vegetables are rich in phytonutrients, which are nutrients inherent in vegetables and plants and possess an array of other active ingredients that are associated with the prevention and treatment of many common illnesses, conditions and disorders. These include cancer, diabetes, Alzheimer’s, high blood pressure, and cholesterol and even chronic skin diseases like psoriasis and eczema. You can literally also boost a soup’s nutritional power in an instant! By using bone broth, or adding a scoop of miso (be doubly sure the soup isn’t too hot when adding), or stirring in some chopped greens like, a bit of parsley, kale, chopped spinach, finely chopped Swiss chard, dandelion, beet greens or collards.

It won’t leave you feeling hungry. With souping, not only are you cooking the foods, but the combination of more fiber and protein has staying power to keep you satisfied longer. More textures. Juice can get a bit mundane as you get tired of just drinking your meals. The variety of textures can help so much in keeping you interested longer. So if we can get all the benefits of cleansing through a more satisfying, flavorful and comforting means then why not?

A Final Word

Souping is a ‘soup-er' project to start now in the cooler weather but it really does work year round. Look at different recipes and start to enjoy the soothing warmth of soups as well as their detoxifying effects soon. Start by making a variety of soups so you can choose the ones you love the best and you can be on the receiving end of all that nutrition. A soup cleanse is not as difficult as you think as it does taste great and is not difficult to do. Just write down some of your favorite recipes and look some up if you don’t have any favorite soup recipes already.

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