Benefits and Disadvantages to Cleanses, Detoxes and Fasts

Benefits and Disadvantages to Cleanses, Detoxes and Fasts

As with any diet, procedure, alternative form of medicine, or any health-related topics, there are benefits and disadvantages to all the forms of cleansing, just as there are differing opinions of each by individuals experimenting and evaluating the results and the medical professionals who are developing and researching them.

Benefits and Disadvantages to Cleanses, Detoxes and Fasts

Souping Versus Juice Detox

One of the big issues many people have with the modern soup detox is that it may simply be a trend: a fad that is popular for the moment but will not be a long term accepted form of body cleansing. Alternatively, according to some researchers, souping is a healthier form of cleansing than juice detox due to one simple difference: soups retain fiber which is imperative to flushing impurities and toxins. In addition, the fiber content stabilizes blood sugar, making individuals feel less hungry. Another non-health related reason for souping preference is financial: it is cheaper to boil a big pot of broth, adding in a few vegetables and having a large amount to freeze and keep longer than it is to buy all the fresh fruits and vegetables needed to make one single glass of juice.

Juicing Advantages and Disadvantages

Consuming fresh, organic juices all day is beneficial to your digestive system as it allows it to rest as well as giving you the vitamins and nutrients your body needs. A disadvantage of only drinking juices with fresh fruits is the consumption of sugar. Some medical experts feel the sugar, without the fiber and protein to balance it out may be too high a level to be healthy. An alternative to juices made mostly from fruit, therefore higher in sugar content, is ‘green juice’. Green juice is made of vegetables such as broccoli, kale, collards, or leafy greens, which means lower sugar and is a huge benefit to individuals who have problems getting the recommended servings of vegetables in a day. Most green juice provides up to 2 servings of fruits and vegetables per bottle so it is a healthy alternative to fruit-only juice. The downside is that by juicing the vegetables, the fiber is being ‘stripped’ due to being found in the pulp and skins, however you can physically add the pulp back in to the juicer or even add fiber & protein powders. Additionally, to add extra protein, you can crack a raw egg into your juicer and blend it in with the juice, actually thickens the drink and adds 3 to 5 times more nutrients than normal juices.

Medical Professionals Question Necessity of Cleansing/Detox

According to “Shape Magazine”, a multiple-day, juice-only detox diet doesn’t seem essential or even necessary for individuals as our bodies are designed to naturally rid themselves and detox through our organs including the liver, the GI tract, and the kidneys.

Additionally, there is no scientific evidence to imply that our bodies truly need assistance in terms of ridding ourselves of waste, so it is generally not recommended to replace a normal, well balanced food diet with a juice, soup, or.liquid diet.

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